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With the publishing of the new Immigration Regulations on 1st July 2005 the new Immigration Amendment Act 2004 has come in to force. It is essential for you to obtain professional help for immigrating successfully to South Africa. Please consult only Immigration Practitioners or Attorneys for advice. The following temporary or permanent residence permits are available:

Visitors Permit 3 months, extension possible
Extended Visitors Permit 3 years, selected permits' extension possible (not for holiday!)
Work Permit 3 years, extension possible
Quota Permit 3 years, extension possible
Extraordinary Skills Permit 3 years, extension possible
Intra-Company Transfer Permit 3 years, extension possible
Corporate Permit 3 years, extension possible
Business Permit Not regulated 2 to 6 years, extension possible
Retired Person Permit 4 years, extension possible
Permanent Residence Permit Permanent

We work very close with several immigration practitioners for immigration purposes. We will be able to advise you with regards to work permit, business permit, permanent residence permit, permanent residence permit based on financial independence, life partnership or marriage and for retirement (retired person permit).


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