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The investor has various options how the investment should be structured. This mainly depends on the investor's intentions. A property related investment offers the options of purchasing the property in the personal capacity of the investor or with a legal entity like a Close Corporation (CC) or a Private Company (Pty Ltd). The structures of both legal entities are very similar. The CC can only have natural persons as members and does not need an annual audit by a registered auditor, the Pty Ltd offers shareholding for natural and legal persons and an annual financial audit is needed. As with the new Companies Act the CC will be demolished, one should go with a Pty Ltd if a legal entity is needed.

We can offer the registration of a dormant shelf company into the name of the investor with all necessary changes at the Registrar of Companies (CIPRO) within 24 hours after the receipt of all documentation needed. This includes the registration of the directors, shareholders, registered address and registration of an auditor. In a further step the name of the shelf company can be changed into a name of the investors choice. We also offer all registration with regards to CCs, Section 21 Companies and trademarks as well as all other CIPRO related services.

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